The holidays are the perfect time to celebrate with your team. And how you celebrate can have a considerable impact. Will you continue with the same old party—one that’s set in the break room or around a conference table? Or will you give your team the holiday celebration it deserves? Here’s how you can get everyone on board and convince the powers that be that your team needs a proper party this holiday season.

It Recognizes the Whole Team.

Your holiday party isn’t just an occasion to let loose; it’s more than that. This yearly event is an opportunity to say “thank you” to every rock star in your office, from the senior leadership to the most junior of junior staff. Maybe your company isn’t in a position to give out holiday bonuses to everyone, but a well-planned party—hosted outside the office—can go a long way towards raising morale and inspiring everyone to reach higher.

Consider It Team Building.  

In many ways, it is—but it all depends on what you do. Sitting around at a local bar or restaurant may not do the trick. Instead, try something more active and engaging, like bringing your colleagues to a nearby laser tag arena or arcade or hosting a bowling holiday party for your employees (or find awesome venues like Bowlero and Bowlmor, which may have all three). There’s no better way to get in the holiday spirit than by bowling a strike while your boss chucks a gutterball. Just try not to laugh too loudly…

You Can Reflect on Your Team’s Big Wins.

Holiday parties are great for letting off steam and interacting with colleagues in a relaxed and social setting. But they’re also opportunities for you and your team to look back at all that you’ve accomplished and reward yourselves with a well-deserved pat on the back… or a windmill high-five… and, okay, maybe more than a few celebratory toasts.

Everyone Gets to Have Fun, Relax, and Recharge.

Can’t remember the last time you had a respite from the office routine? You may not be alone. Last year, just under half of all US workers used their full vacation time.1 The takeaway for your team? Hosting a holiday party for the office has never been more important. Throwing this annual celebration (and doing it right) is the perfect way for you to have fun and take the mental health break you and your employees need to have your most productive quarter yet.

You Don’t Have to Lift a Finger to Plan It

Okay, that’s not entirely true. You may have to exert some minimal effort to click that mouse or pick up the phone. But the once-Herculean task of planning a holiday party is no longer yours and yours alone. Nowadays, the best venues feature party professionals specifically trained to bring your event to life. The holiday party pros at Bowlero and Bowlmor know what it takes to make an epic celebration and they’re prepared to facilitate every aspect of the process. We handle everything—all to help alleviate the stress and frustration that naturally coincide with planning the year’s most anticipated office gathering.

You’ve Got a Plan; Now Get a Deal!

The best reason to have a holiday party: to recognize your team. What’s the next best reason? To get an amazing deal while you still can! Start planning your event and enjoy exclusive, limited-time offers on the best holiday parties for everyone. Book today in-center, by phone, or online at or

1 “Vacation days taken by US workers hit highest level since 2010, study says.” May 9, 2018.