Pro Tips from Bowlero’s Foremost Celebrity Event Planner

When you’ve got a crew of office all-stars as committed and on-point as your team, you need to make sure your office’s holiday party lets you play just as hard as you work. So how do you throw the ultimate office bash this holiday season? Bring in a professional, of course. To guide you in your pursuit of party greatness, we tapped Nikki, Bowlero’s top celebrity event planner, to help you navigate the choppy seas that separate you from your next epic event. Check out her pro tips below and turn your next so-so party into something strikingly unique.

Tip #1: Do. Something. Fun.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but not everyone knows how to have a good time. Sometimes all you need is good friends and a great bar. But when that scene gets stale, or you’re just itching to do something different, a venue like Bowlero that specializes in innovative fun (think bowling, arcade games, laser tag, etc.) can be just the thing you need to take your celebration to the next level.

Tip #2: Start Planning Early.

Area venues fill up quickly (our Bowlero locations across the country can all attest to this). And it’s never a fun experience when you discover that your ideal venue has a months-long waiting list. Plus, you can usually get exclusive extras and special deals on your holiday party the earlier in the season you decide to book. (If you’re just starting to plan, take advantage of Bowlero’s special early booking offer.)

Tip #3: Make Sure You Can Stomach It.

Sometimes it all about the eats. Scratch that. It’s ALWAYS about the eats! Great food makes for a great party, so when deciding on a place to host your next event, make sure you’ve got a killer menu on hand to appease the discriminating tastes of even your most finicky guests. At Bowlero, we’ve perfected the art of outrageous menu creations like our infamous 5-lb, 14-inch-round Behemoth Burger (cut like a cake and meant to be shared!), our Instagram-worthy pizza cupcakes, or our amazing “Big Swig” cocktails.

Tip #4: Headcounts Matter. They Really Do.

It may not seem like the most important piece of party info, but ensuring an accurate headcount can have a major impact on your event. Nobody likes it when their party’s in full swing and they suddenly realize they’re running low on food or that the cake is too dang small or—gasp—you’ve invited too many of your besties and now you have to play party bouncer because your venue’s at capacity. Party foul!

Tip #5: Have Someone Else Do the Tough Stuff.

You’ve got enough to worry about (job, friends, family, that weird, “I wanna murder you” look that your cat’s been giving you lately); sometimes it’s just easier to let a skilled party professional take care of all the details that go into planning an event. Bowlero venues specialize in party planning and have certified staff ready and willing to make your party dreams come true.

That’s it! Follow these five simple tips when planning your next event and you should be set for a holiday party that you and your office amigos will remember fondly for years to come. And, if you really wanna make sure your party is a total win, just hit up the party pros at Bowlero—we’ll be happy to engineer your next awesome event!